Interior & Exterior Detailing Package

Package Includes

• Remove Trash • Vacuum Entire Interior (Cabin, Trunk, Under Seats, Compartments) • Wipe Down All Surfaces (Cup Holders, Doorjambs, Air Vents, Dash) • Shampoo Carpets • Carpet Stain Removal With Drill Brush • Leather Power Brush Scrubbing & Conditioning • Apply Interior UV Protectant • Clean Interior Windows • Spray Air Freshener (when requested)

• Foam Bath • Clean with Wash Mitt • Towel Dry • Wax • Clean Exterior Windows • Clean Tires • Doorjambs, Rims & Wheel Wells Detailed and Shined • Apply Tire Shine (when requested)

Vehicle Type




Service Time: up to 4h/1 detailer, 2h/2 detailers

truck detailing

SUV/Standard Pickup Truck


Service Time: up to 4h 30m/1 detailer, 2h 15m/2 detailers

ceramic coating



Service Time: up to 5h/1 detailer, 2h 30m/2 detailers


Dually Pickup Truck


Service Time: up to 5h/1 detailer, 2h 30m/2 detailers

sv coat

RV, Motorhome, Trailer, Van & Bus

Interior Detail:

$50/h per detailer

Exterior Detail:


Why T.M.E Mobile Detailing?

If you’re looking for a solid deal on a full detail for any vehicle you may have, you’ve come to the right place. T.M.E does all of it. Car detailing services for cars, trucks, and even RVs. Every time you trust us with your vehicle, we promise that you will be much happier stepping back into it. It’s basically magic, a transformation of sorts. This is certainly our most in depth detail package seeing as we take care of the whole car. Interior and exterior at an affordable and transparent price, two hundred for a car, two hundred twenty for bigger vehicles, and RV detailing is affordable as well. Everything from the tailpipe to the cup holders will look as good as new.  And we do mobile car detailing, we come to you. You can’t beat that. Stop getting thrown for a loop every time you take your car to get detailed. Just set the appointment, tell us exactly what you want, then we’ll come to you and do the rest. We’ll leave the car clean. With six years of experience in the car detailing industry, we can confidently say that we are experts, and that you can trust us. Let’s get into the details.

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Our Interior Detailing Experience

Our interior cleaning includes every service it should. From the wrapper on the floor, to the ketchup stain in the carpet, it all gets taken care of. The interior detailing starts with the basic stuff. First we get rid of all the trash in the car. Just make sure you don’t leave anything you want. After all the garbage is out of the way, we really get to work. We vacuum out every single spot in the car, including the trunk. All of the surfaces in the vehicle are gonna get wiped down using only the best chemicals. Everything from the cupholders to the car seat handle will be as clean as they can be. We are thorough in our work and you will notice. No residue, dirt, or dust is safe from us. After exterminating the dirt from the surface layer of the interior, we will shampoo the carpets completely. After the carpet is shampooed, we take a drill brush to it to remove any of the stains it may have. We’ll take care of every piece of carpet in the car. We won’t miss that one weird spot on the passenger side floor board that somehow got a tiny ketchup stain on it but nobody sees it except for you and it’s still driving you insane and you just don’t understand where it came from but nobody else even notices it… we’ll get it. 


Any leather in the car will be scrubbed and conditioned with a power brush to ensure a thorough clean. After the leather is taken care of, the windows are our next target. Time and energy are spent ensuring there is no dust or residue left. The windows will be streak free and as clean as ever. A professional detailer will make sure that’s the case. A car wash just cannot provide that same level of precision. That part is just our interior detail package. Way better than a steam cleaning right? As for the exterior? Yeah, we’ll handle that too.

Our Exterior Detailing Experience

Our detailers begin by giving the car a thorough hand wash. Think full service car wash, but with somebody who is way more concerned about you getting your money’s worth. The first step is a complete foam bath soaking, to help reduce the amount of scrubbing required to remove any dirt, therefore making it safer and easier to keep your paint and clear coat safe. After the foam is applied to the car, the detailer will find and eliminate every spot of dirt on the outside of the body of the car using sponges that are perfect for the outside of your vehicle. After wiping the car down, we will rinse off the soap, and we will check to make sure we didn’t miss anything. 

The exterior wash has only just begun. Post-rinse, the car gets a good waxing and polishing. Thoroughly, and correctly. We will not scuff or scratch your paint. Our detailers are trained, and know the proper technique to get your car in top shape, while ensuring they don’t damage anything. After the waxing, the exterior windows are cleaned, streak-free. Next up is the tire shining, they will be glistening. Tires are taken care of, now we move on to some other important parts of the wash package. The door jambs will be detailed and shined, the rims and wheel wells will have any road grime removed from them, and they’ll be shined as well. After that, we’ll check your tire pressure to make sure it’s where it should be, and then we will top off your windshield wiper fluid to make sure you have some when you need it. 

We are open 7 days a week from 8am – 6pm with a ten hour time-frame to get your vehicle serviced. We have a huge range of add-ons to suit your individual needs. You can also set up monthly detail packages!

Recommended Add-Ons


Cloth Seat Shampoo & Stain Removal


Service Time: up to 1h


Headliner Cleaning


Service Time: up to 1h

ceramic coatings


Price Varies Based on Vehicle Size. Learn More >

engine repair

Engine Bay Cleaning