Interior Detailing Package

Package Includes

• Remove Trash • Vacuum Entire Interior (Cabin, Trunk, Under Seats, Compartments) • Wipe Down All Surfaces (Cup Holders, Doorjambs, Air Vents, Dash) • Shampoo Carpets • Carpet Stain Removal With Drill Brush • Leather Power Brush Scrubbing & Conditioning • Apply Interior UV Protectant • Clean Interior Windows • Spray Air Freshener (when requested)

Vehicle Type




Service Time: up to 2h/1 detailer, 1h/2 detailers

truck detailing

SUV/Standard Pickup Truck


Service Time: up to 2h 30m/1 detailer, 1h 15m/2 detailers

ceramic coating



Service Time: up to 3h/1 detailer, 1h 30m/2 detailers


Dually Pickup Truck


Service Time: up to 2h 30m/1 detailer, 1h 15m/2 detailers

sv coat

RV, Motorhome, Trailer, Van & Bus

$50/h per detailer

Why T.M.E Mobile Detailing?

With years of experience under our belts here at T.M.E, we can confidently say that you can trust our detailing expertise. Five star reviews time and time again prove our worth so that you don’t have to guess whether or not we’ll do the job right. T.M.E offers a variety of car detailing packages and add-ons so that you and your vehicle can receive whatever services you need. We are experts in our industry who use the best products on the market, along with the best equipment money can buy, in order to provide the best possible experience for every customer and vehicle we service. We aim to be transparent, competitive, and affordable in our detailing packages and prices. We are a mobile detailing company, so you can just book the appointment for the service you need, and we’ll handle everything else. We guarantee satisfaction for our customers, and we hope to earn your business time and time again. The pricing for the interior wash package starts at $120 for sedans/coupes and goes up a little for bigger vehicles seeing as they take more work. We look forward to serving you.

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Our Interior Detailing Experience

Our interior detailing package includes every service your vehicle needs to make it look fresh off the lot. First, we throw away all of the trash in the car to leave us with a nice canvas for cleaning. Just make sure you don’t leave behind anything you may want. After all the garbage is out of the way, we really get to work. We vacuum out every single crevice of the car, including the trunk. That is a deep interior cleaning. You won’t find a crumb when you step back in unless it was on your shoe!


All of the surfaces in your vehicle will be wiped down using only the best, safest chemicals. We don’t cheap out on our chemicals either, we buy the best in order to give you the best. We will make sure to match the chemical to the car, so whether your seats are leather or cloth, they will be cleaned with products meant for them. Everything from the cupholders to the seat adjuster handle will be as clean as they can be. We are thorough in our work and you will notice. No residue, dirt, or dust is safe from us. After the dirt from the surface layer is exterminated, we will shampoo the carpets completely. Once the carpet is lathered in shampoo, we take a drill brush to it to remove any of the stains that may still be lingering. We won’t miss that one weird spot on the passenger side floor board that somehow got a tiny ketchup stain on it but nobody sees it except for you and it’s still driving you insane… we’ll get it. This is the most satisfying part of the package as we get to see your car become renewed before our eyes. Every piece of carpet in your car will be treated and cleaned to the best, by the best!


Any leather in the car will be scrubbed and conditioned with a power brush to ensure a thorough clean. Cloth seats, for an extra charge on top of the interior cleaning cost for the extra care they require, will be shampooed and conditioned with a power brush. This ensures the absence of all stains when you return to your vehicle, and will definitely get rid of that weird smell!


After the seats are taken care of, the windows are our next target. As minuscule as it may seem, we are very fastidious with this step of the process. Time and energy are spent ensuring there is no dust or residue left to cloud your vision. The windows will be streak free and so clear it will look like the windows are down, unless they’re tinted of course. Our professional detailer will always make sure not to leave any stone unturned. A car wash just cannot provide that same level of precision. They can’t offer you the same personal touches and meticulous care that we can.

Recommended Add-Ons


Cloth Seat Shampoo & Stain Removal


Service Time: up to 1h


Headliner Cleaning


Service Time: up to 1h

smoke test

Odor Removal


Service Time: up to 1h
car cleaning

Quick Exterior Wash


Foam Bath + Towel Dry Only Service Time: up to 40m